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At Sniffy Pet, we believe feeding habits and water intake are an indicator of overall wellness. Our intuitive solutions ensure your pet is fed proportioned meals at the same time every day.

Smart Camera Feeder
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Smart Water Fountain
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high-density cotton layer removes unwanted hair and garbage from your pet’s water.

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I was hesitant to buy it because it's so expensive. Now that it's here, I don't regret a thing... I love it! It's great to be able to see and interact with your pet while away from home. My one, minor gripe is that the colour of the product in real life is nothing like the picture (I got the orange/blue one). It's a lot more garish than I expected. That said, it works like a dream. The cat likes it fine. I also had a great experience with the seller, and want to thank them for going the extra mile :-) !




~10 week update
The device continues to operate as it did on day one, with one positive exception: the noise issue has been largely mitigated, I think through an app update a few weeks ago. To date, zero jams. One learning moment, during a power outage (thankfully while we were home), I noticed the device didn’t dispense the food. There’s a switch on the bottom I had in the “off” position. Regardless of the position, the device will function when plugged in, but needs to be “on” when one desires the system to operate on battery power. That fixed it. Lesson learned.

J. DiGiovanni

There are several other small details which impress me. 1, It can be battery powered if there is a power outage in my area. 2, It has a small pocket that holds 3 packages of desiccant inside the food container to keep the food dry. 3, It offers another set of dispenser with smaller portion (5g) to control the feeding more precisely.

Jacky Z.

United States


I purchased this auto feeder for training my cat eating behavior. My cat is 13 yrs old and a little bit overweight. So doctor suggests me feeding her multiple meals with small amount - "six small meals". Since I work during the day, I could not always control when to feed her. I need this feeder to do this job for me. And it did it. This feeder also support video/photo recording and monitoring. It let me know if my cat eat the food or not and whether I should give her another meal.

Raspberry Pie

"Recommend strongly, very easy to use, convenient and fast, vets can help you with any problems"




Thanks to Dr.Jennifer, she answered my question in an hour. This app is much more reliable and helpful than you ask on Reddit or Quora.


Calgary, Canada