Dogness Smart Water Fountain - Parasol Buy
Smart Water Fountain - Sniffy Pet
Smart Water Fountain - Sniffy Pet
Smart Water Fountain
Smart Water Fountain - Sniffy Pet
Smart Water Fountain - Sniffy Pet
Smart Water Fountain - Sniffy Pet
Smart Water Fountain - Sniffy Pet
Smart Water Fountain - Sniffy Pet

Smart Water Fountain

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With Patented filtering technology, we offer an endless source of clean filtered water in BPA-free bowl. The system adds more oxygen for freshness which encourages pets to hydrate more. It also includes a replaceable carbon water filter. It is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

Why the water fountain is important for our pets?

#1 – Fresh, Clean Drinking Water Always Available(Nor more dust or hair in the water)

#2 – Encourage Proper Hydration

#3 – Your Pet’s Water Stays Cooler

#4 – Less Refilling for You


  • 2-litre water capacity is great for pets of all sizes, visible water level
  • Adjustable flow control to increase or decrease the flow of water
  • BPA free material, top-shelf dishwasher safe
  • Free-falling stream adds more oxygen for freshness, encouraging pets to drink more water
  • Includes replaceable carbon water filter that removes bad tastes and odours, keeping water fresh

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Hui H
CLEAN WATER AT ALL TIMES, which is also offered visually appealing at night via LED light...

Like humans, our beloved pets also need a certain amount of water every day and I think it should be fresh and clean. If you forget to change the drinking water every now and then at the latest when it has been changed, you can see how quickly the actually clean drinking water gets dirty.

This is exactly where the provider “DOGNESS” wants to offer a water dispenser that would like to offer the dog or cat clean water, even throughout the day.

The “Water Fountain Water Dispenser” comes in a simple and visually rather simple yet appealing packaging. After opening the packaging, the water dispenser is additionally wrapped in plastic wrap and, in addition to the actual dispenser, also includes a power plug, instructions in English and a filter that should be replaced every 4-8 weeks.

The water dispenser holds enough 2 litres of water and the included LED light gives the entire container nice lighting in the dark. After the water has been filled and plugged into the socket, catcher the well is already working on. This works according to the drinking fountain principle which can be found in many cities.

I think the actual volume is kept in a comfortable range for the human ear, but the noise level is still continuous and with a dog's much better hearing, you would have had to work a little more on the volume of the device.

The fountain is quite well received by and large and was accepted after a brief sniff.


➕ Continuous water movement for clean water
➕ drinking fountain was accepted
➕ LED to glow in the dark
➖ Quite quiet for the human ear but still lasting source of noise
➖ filters need to be changed every 4-8 weeks (follow-up costs)
➖ how do I find it not cheap

The drinking fountain for clean water throughout the day has been accepted and is therefore certainly a good purchase for the animal if you place a lot of emphasis on good water quality. Despite the negative points from my side, almost 4 stars...

Robbin Goodman
Excellent Water Bowl! Very Clean and Stylish!

We really enjoy having this automatic water bowl for our fur baby. It is great to be able to fill up the water tank and have the circulator keep the water clean for a long period of time. Since, we pair this with the Dogness automatic dog feeder, our lives have become much more simpler and our puppy really enjoys the fresh water as well.

The other thing to note, is the style is quite attractive. It goes really well in our house and the lights make the room feel nice, especially in the evenings. We would definitely recommend this product to everyone who needs to simplify their lives, but take care of their beloved pets at the same time!

Perfect for pug on wheels

My pug has been in wheels for a couple of years and she struggles to reach a bowl on the ground. We wanted a fountain but one she could reach and it still be full like a bowl. She needed to be able to maneuver around it easily. This works great! She loves it and its the perfect height! We have two other medium dogs and they love it too! It is easy to clean and not noisy at all! So glad we made this purchase!

Anita Rosenberger
Too small for my dogs but ...

I have medium size dogs and this is really too small. I gave it to the cats and at first, they were afraid of it and didn't want to have anything to do with it. Now they are warming up to it. The biggest problem is that the cord is so short that it's hard for me to plug it in anywhere and still have it still sit on the ground. I like the idea of it but it doesn'tq quite work for our menagerie. I suspect this will end up in the garage sale pile.

K. Johnsen
Love it.

I would have given this fountain five stars but it is noisy. It has a constant humming to it similar to my fish tank and regularly gets real loud and needs to be unplugged and cleaned. The cat, the puppy and myself all like this fountain enough to tolerate it.

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Why You Need A Feeder?

At Sniffy Pet, we believe feeding habits and water intake are an indicator of overall wellness. Our intuitive solutions ensure your pet is fed proportioned meals at the same time every day.

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