Dogness Small App Feeder - Parasol Buy
Dogness Small App Feeder - Parasol Buy
Dogness Small App Feeder - Parasol Buy
Dogness Small App Feeder - Parasol Buy
Dogness Small App Feeder - Parasol Buy
Dogness Small App Feeder - Parasol Buy
Dogness Small App Feeder - Parasol Buy
Dogness Small App Feeder - Parasol Buy
Dogness Small App Feeder - Parasol Buy
Dogness Small App Feeder - Parasol Buy

Dogness Small App Feeder

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Small-capacity feeder designed especially for small pets. Small and cute. It can customize the feeding plan, interact with your pets remotely, remind you to replenish the food, and so on.
  • REMOTE CONTROL: This automatic pet feeder for cats and small pets makes it possible to feed your pet at any time and from anywhere. Set your feeding time and portion amounts using the built-in app from your smartphone. The mini cat feeder will dispense food automatically so you can also choose to feed your pet instantly using the "feed now" option.
  • HEALTHY SCHEDULED FEEDING: Program meal times and portions with your mini smart cat feeder to automate feeding when you're away from home.
  • ANTI-STICKING TECHNOLOGY: This system prevents jams so food never gets stuck. An Anti-Sticking Technology specially developed based on bionic principles creates a self-adapting system that equips an oscillating bar, spring check-board, and silicone impeller (Feeder accepts all shapes and sizes of food less than 12mm in size) for the most interactive automated compact pet feeding solution.
  • DOUBLE "FRESH LOCK" SYSTEM: The spacious storage bucket keeps up to 2 lbs. of dry food fresh for maximum shelf life. Both the food outlet door and lid are protected by a sealed soft silicone sealing ring designed to keep your pet's food fresh and dry.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
remote, portion, and scheduling control

Recent just bought the product.
had no connectivity issue with wifi.
pretty user friendly in term of operating.
SO FAR i have not find any discomfort with this product, so i will rate this product is a good feeder.
i had tried remotely feed my pet from my phone.
also, the portion control and scheduling functions were great.
i am satisfied with this product.
i will recommend this to any pet owner looking for a remote feeder.

Great automatic feeder

This feeder is the perfect little size for my single cat. A lot of other feeders are just massive and take up so much space, but this one is perfect for the small space in which I have my cat's feeder and water fountain. It took a little bit of measuring to figure out how many "portions" from the feeder would add up to how much I regularly feed my cat, but that was simple enough! I haven't had any problems with the app - it is simple and works just fine. I like that it allows me to see a record of all of his previous feedings or if the food volume is getting low. After filling the feeder, the food lasts about a week before I have to fill it again.

Levi Wang
useful product

I am very happy with this purchase. It is everything that I was looking for. I really like being able to monitor the feedings on the app, and my cat quickly acclimated to the sound of the feeder.A few things to note. Although I like that the feeding portions have the option to be small, they are not exact. I think you do have to experiment a bit to make sure that your cat is getting the amount that you want to feed them. Be sure to look for the new message icon at the bottom of the app, as this is the only identification youll get on the app that the food is running low. I was worried about ants using automatic feeder as thats a complaint Ive seen with other models. Ive had no trouble at all thats far, and I think the food is securely stored. I would highly recommend this feeder!

Still learning how to use it, so far so good

Shipped really fast, received it within the week I placed the order.
Easy to set up (You need to connect to WIFI)
You can setup schedule, control the portion and do manually if you want.
Help you feed your little one when you cannot go home on time.
It also has the indicator to show how many DRY food in there, so you do not need to open it to check.
Still learning how to use it, since I saw the light for MIC, so I think I should able to talk with my buddy through the feeder...

Cute & Reliable

I got two of the pink feeders September 2021 for my two girl cats. Initially, I felt I was spending too much money on this product since I bought two. I was also nervous by some of the reviews since some people said they were having trouble with the app and the actual feeder. I bought them anyway because I wanted something cute and hopefully reliable. Ive been using this product for about 2 months now and this product has made my life and my two cats lives better lol. The biggest obstacle I had was figuring out the portion size. Once I figured out through online research 12 portions equals a half of a cup, I set the feedings accordingly. I have one overweight cat; this along with a change in food has helped her to lose a few pounds. Shes even more active. Ive had no issues with the app or the actual feeder itself. The food inside the feeder last about two weeks based on my feeding times and portion size. I dont use the voice recording bc I feel its unnecessary (but I did try it and it does work) The feeder makes a slight noise dispensing the food and the cats can hear that so Im good with that. This is my first automatic feeder and Im so glad I got one for each of my cats!

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Why You Need A Feeder?

At Sniffy Pet, we believe feeding habits and water intake are an indicator of overall wellness. Our intuitive solutions ensure your pet is fed proportioned meals at the same time every day.